Thursday, 3 April 2014

How to Combine Text in Excel Cells

One of the most asked feature available in Excel is to combine text from multiple cells into one cell.

Let us take an Example with Name i.e. First & Last name which is when received in two separate columns one can find it difficult to combine them together. But using this feature one can easily combine 2 columns in a separate column.

As shown below in image:

We have Column B with first name & Column C with last name

You can name D1 as "Full Name"
Enter any of the following formulas in Cell D2

=B2 & " " & C2 (will give you "FirstName LastName")
=B2 & ", " & C2 (will result in "FirstName, LastName")
=B2&C2 (will result in "FirstNameLastName")

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