Thursday, 20 February 2014

How to Backup in Windows 8 System - Image Backup & File History

With the availability of two options, user can choose any of the desired option from these two:

1. Launch Windows System Image Backup & Backup Windows 8 system

It is great to have Windows system backup option in Windows 8. You can launch Windows backup tool for that follow:

Control Panel  >> Windows 7 Backup File Recovery & then you can click "Set up backup" option.

Else, you can directly launch Windows backup option with "sdclt.exe" using Command Prompt.

With Windows Backup you will be allowed to have an image backup of full system or selected files & folders on network location or an external drive. You are also allowed to create system repair disc which can be used to repair & restore the system in any bootable situation.

2. Backup Windows 8 With File History

File History is the name of Windows 8 backup which can backup only those files which are available at user data locations i.e. libraries, desktop folder, contacts & favorites. To backup a random folder, you are supposed to add it to your libraries.

With the completion of process to setup File History, Windows will start saving copies of your files on a regular time basis. Files can be saved on a network or to an external drive automatically in the background.

In case you have used an external drive, File History will resume saving process when external drive is plugged in.

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