Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Ntbackup.exe Is Unable to Restore Data - Invalid Data Stream

Situation: When Ntbackup.exe tool is used to restore data from Windows backup file (.bkf), user can face the following error situation:
" Unable to Restore"

Reason: Error situation is faced when Ntbackup.exe encounters with an unknown data stream. There can be stream id's in third-party .bkf file that are unknown to Ntbackup.exe tool & it can be the reason for the cause of error. "Unable to restore" is the error message faced while restoring bkf file via Ntbackup.exe tool as instead of skipping invalid data stream, it comes up with the error.

Solution: Solution for this problem is updated service pack of Windows 2000

It Applies with: MS Windows 2000 Server, MS Windows 2000 Advanced Server, MS Windows 2000 Professional Edition

Important Note: After updating Windows server 2000, you will be unable to restore complete data files as Ntbackup.exe will skip the invalid data stream; just to continue with the restoration process.

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