Saturday, 22 February 2014

Manual Process to Combine All .vcf files to Single .vcf files

When I was searching for a solution to move some contacts (i.e. 263 to be precise) from my phone into a new Google account. When I tried to perform it manually,  it will only let me select one file at a time for importing & it can be a time consuming process for 263 contacts.

It can be done simply with the process explained here:

  • Note down path for your .vcf files or Copy it from address bar
  • Open command prompt (Press Win+R, type CMD then press enter)
  • In command window, type CD then paste (right click and select paste Ctrl+V will not work there), then press enter.
  • Change the current drive to drive with vcf files (if it is in E drive type E:) then enter
  • Then type copy *.VCF all.VCF then press enter
  • Now all the VCF files will be append to newly created all.VCF File & can work on all VCF supported platforms.

Moreover, I have tried to Google it for you.

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