Monday, 3 March 2014

Restore XP Backup File to Windows 8 Effortlessly!

Windows 8 and Windows 7 server have completely new backup tools which are way too different from the previous versions. Albeit of the fact that these modifications were grievously needed with growing needs of technically expedite users, those users who had their precious cache stored BKF file are facing the drawbacks of this drastic change.

This is because modifications in features always keep previous features aboard, and every user is very fond of “new” things and forgets about “old” stuff. But when user came to know that the much hyped “new” thing is not capable to meet the requirement of restoring BKF file comprising important backup, modifications tends to become absurd. The bitter truth is backup tool of Windows 8 cannot restore XP backup file to Windows 8.

How To Decipher This Situation?

Complication: Adding insult to injury, the Extensible Storage Manager – is not included in Windows 8. This is important program to run NTBackup utility and its absence might restrict the processing of ntbackup.exe. This means that simply copying the ntbackup.exe from an XP machine is not enough to overcome this situation.

Solution: To initiate the procedure to restore XP backup file to Windows 8, you can copy the below mentioned files to your Windows 8 system. You can either copy it from some other Windows XP system from system32 folder. These files are;
  1. ntbackup.exe
  2. ntmsapi.dll
  3. vssapi.dll
When you will run the ntbackup.exe file and start the process you might encounter the error message like:

“Removable Storage Not Running”

Ignore this message and follow the steps:
·        You will have to point NTBackup utility to the .bkf files at your own because BKF files will not be registered with this application.

·         Right-click the Files tree and select Catalog File. Select your BKF file and click Okay.

Limitation: Backup saved in tape drives and other storage devices will not be supported in the above mentioned method. This process is also not recommended for practicing many times.

Other Cases: Due to corruption it might happen that in spite of all these steps you are ceased from restoring BKF file and at that time BKF File Repair tool can bring the ultimate solution for your problems to restore XP backup file to Windows 8.

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