Tuesday, 18 March 2014

How to Proceed With The Windows XP Backup After 8 April 2014 as Support Ends for Windows XP?

Time has finally come when Microsoft will cease all the extending support for Windows XP and the unofficial date is 8th April 2014. Windows XP users might be gathering answers to quest like how to deal with XP backup after 8 April 2014. Considering the fact that 29% of users are still connected to Windows XP and some of these belong to some organizations and others are individual home users from various corners of the world, this huge step will not be easy to tackle.

Will Windows XP Stop Running Completely?

No! You will be able to access Windows XP the way you did before and you can continue using this OS after April 2014 also.
  • There will not be any difference operating Windows XP but the technical assistance provided for XP OS will not be given anymore.
  • Automatic updates for protection or security of OS will not be provided.
  • MS Security Essentials for any download on this Operating System will be restricted thereby increasing the risk factor of systems with this OS getting infected by virus.
  • Microsoft will end releasing any security updates and patches.
  • This step has been taken by Microsoft so as to implement all resources towards recent technologies instead of supplying them to older versions for more productivity.
  • But Windows XP will not be completely terminated and users can use this Operating System later also.
What About Windows XP NTBackup File?

Well as far as the security and safety is concerned, user must backup all data files regularly and update it regularly. This will be wise decision to take a backup without any delay so that if anything goes wrong with your data as security will be less in Windows XP you will have a safe side so that you can restore back your data. This backup can be easily created by NTBackup utility which is present in Windows XP OS and will continue to be afterwards also so that backup can be created.

What If You Decide to Migrate to Windows 7/8?

In case you feel that continuing with Windows XP OS will be risky and decide to move to Windows 7 or 8 you can easily do this by simply transferring all the data to new OS in one go by restoring BKF file. But, since Windows 7 or 8 do not support BKF file you will need some extra platform to be used for restoring backup file of Windows XP. For this you will need third party software like BKF Restore Tool which is capable to restore backup file without NTBackup utility.

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